Generational Conservation

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Restoration of your heirloom is a very personal and precious event. We understand how valuable and priceless certain items can be and we treat each work in its uniqueness.
Considerations are made as to how a piece is broken and how long it has been broken. For instance, furniture is more forgiving because certain flexibility is afforded in patching, reproducing, and emulating a patina to match existing parts. There are many cases when restoration might cost beyond the value of the piece. If applicable, this will be explained to the client and s/he will make the decision as to whether the emotional value would supercede the cost.
Our scope of work includes but is not limited to china, porcelain, crystal and glass, metal items, wood products and furniture, art frames, stone, leather, bone, ivory, horn, art work, and art objects in all mediums.We perform restoration on many areas of porcelains, pottery and art work whether American, European or Asian.
When an item is damaged, you should save all pieces because they can either be used in the structure of restoration or give the restorer a guide to a piece he might have to reproduce. Be aware that the longer a piece is kept unrestored the more it has a chance of changing properties.
A piece has spent all its life whole so when it is broken, it is now expanding and changing. The faster it is restored, the more exact the final product. Finally, please do not attempt to fix porcelain or china pieces by reglueing them yourself. The slightest amount of glue that has penetrated an item or can be found on the surface of the piece can completely alter the size or circumference of the piece. This makes restoring an item much more difficult.

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