We are capable of repairing many stages of a project, from chips to compound breaks and can complete advanced repairs such as reproducing missing sections, parts and items in a piece. In these days of daily advancement in tecnology, we are constantly discovering matereials to help make your restoration more finite. We work on a variety of materials such as stones (marble, soapstone, alabaster, etc.) china, porcelain, all ceramics, wood,(carved and inlayed), tusk, ivory, bone, glass and crystal, plastics, and Bakelite.

Generational Conservation

 Restoration Arts Studio - Your Memories Restored

Our mission and goal at Restoration Arts Studio is to restore your damaged piece of china, porcelain, crystal, sculptures, art work or antique piece to as close to its original shape as possible. We know that your special piece means more to you than a price tag and our 40 years of restoration experience can bring your memories back to life. We also have and art managemt service to hang and display your collection for your optimum pleasure.